Bomb planted on London tube created to cause 'carnage'

Clay Curtis
March 9, 2018

The 18-year-old is alleged to have travelled from his home in Sunbury, Surrey, to Wimbledon station and used the privacy of a toilet to set the timer on the explosive device.

Hassan denies attempted murder and using the chemical compound TATP to cause an explosion.

It was delivered to him on August 30, and the following day Hassan collected the substance from the Thornton Heath address.

The attack was one in a series of extremist actions in Britain past year.

He allegedly packed it with shrapnel to cause maximum carnage, buying the metal items from Asda and Aldi in Feltham the day before.

Prosecutors said Wednesday there were 93 people in the train auto when the bomb partially exploded during the morning rush hour on September 15.

"That morning I had curled my hair and I had put hairspray in my hair, so when the flames came over me my hair immediately caught fire".

Prosecuting Alison Morgan said "Many ran in fear and panic".

"Those in close proximity to the device may well have been killed".

"The prosecution therefore alleges that the defendant intended that this should be a lethal attack".

"The CCTV footage from inside the carriage shows that at no stage did the defendant reach inside the bag to do anything".

The court heard that Hassan was not among the hundreds of people who fled from the Tube and down a narrow staircase, as he had got off a station earlier, at Putney Bridge.

"Instead he had created a timer system to ensure that it detonated in his absence".

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Hassan, who arrived in the United Kingdom illegally on the back of a lorry in 2015, allegedly made the bomb using the explosive triacetate triperoxide (TATP) which was packed into a Tupperware container and glass vase inside the white bucket.

A tupperware container with a lid, covered in foil, at the bottom of the bucket.

The main 400g charge of homemade triacetone triperoxide (TATP) was to have been detonated by a battery-powered initiator.

A blue glass vase containing approximately 100g of TATP.

He told jurors he realised it was no "hoax" when he saw wires sticking out of what he thought was an IED.

She said: "I kept touching my face and feeling the back of my hair and my hair was coming out in chunks, and I asked somebody if my face was burnt, because I couldn't see it but I felt the heat from the fireball so I was scared of the damage that it had done to my face".

She suffered burns to her legs, hands, and face, causing her eyebrows and lashes to be singed off, the court heard.

One passenger told the court she could "smell herself burning and saw her hair was on fire", the BBC reports.

He denied he had been sent to Europe to work for IS, the court heard.

Hassan had successfully claimed asylum after arriving in Britain in 2015 by traveling through the Channel Tunnel on a truck.

He told authorities he was born in June 1999 in Iraq, but had no identity documents.

The court was told he was given accommodation and by the middle of 2016 was living with foster parents in Sunbury.

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