Boy runs to school in rain after getting kicked off bus

Daniel Fowler
March 9, 2018

A father was not happy after his 10-year-old son was kicked off the school bus for three days for being a bully.

Bryan Thornhill posts viral video of son running in the rain for punishment.

Bryan Thornhill, from the U.S. state of Virginia, filmed his son making the run in drizzling rain while he drove behind him.

"At first I didn't really want to but if I stop there will be worse punishment so I better keep on going", the son said.

His son says that running to school wasn't fun but that he got the punishment he deserved.

However, others criticized the father for the act and said the boy might have gotten sick because of running in the rain.

Bryan Thornhill filmed the punishment from his auto as he drove alongside his son, posting the live footage to his Facebook profile.

"Wow I just watched this video and can not agree with this form of punishment for a child on this day".

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He added: "I just wanted to show everybody and give you a good little laugh".

"This right here is old school simple parenting. This is a healthy way for a child to be punished because it's exercise, something that a lot of people don't think children should do anymore".

Thornhill says he himself is a "proud gun supporter" but that raising his children to "be responsible. and accountable for everything they've done" was important. Have you ever thought maybe there is a reason he's being a bully?

Others were up in arms about the fact that Thornhill posted the video on social media.

Revealing he hoped the tough lesson would teach his son to behave better for his teachers and classmates, Bryan concluded: "Teach your kids, don't be a friend, be a parent". I also work with youth that are troubled.behaviorally challenged.gang relalted.etc.WE NEED MORE PROACTIVE PARENTS LIKE YOURSELF.

He continued: "So far I have given many new ideas to parents that they love".

"They use shame, humiliation and guilt to try to motivate change in future behaviour", she said.

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