French President Macron takes dig at Trump for leaving Paris accord

Clay Curtis
March 12, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron's progressing India visit is probably going to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi's drives on relieving the impacts of environmental change with the utilization of sustainable power source.

These nations will also facilitate joint "research and development" efforts among member states and other stakeholders to develop appropriate business models, cost effective standards, innovative technical applications, equipments and storage designs to suit members' climatic conditions and to realise clean and low cost operations under the agenda.

New Delhi also announced a Project Preparation Facility (PPF) (that) has been set up by India to assist its development partner countries towards preparation of viable projects that can be considered for concessional financing under LoC. While addressing global delegates, PM Modi said "Veda's consider the sun as the soul of the world; it has been considered as a life nurturer". "We have to look at this ancient balanced and all-encompassing philosophy when when we today look for ways to deal with the challenge of climate change", he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Macron said Dollars 1 trillion will be needed to achieve one terawatt (TW) of solar power capacity by 2030. It was launched by India and France on the sidelines of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

The event on Sunday began with speeches and a glimpse into the lives of Solar Mamas - women from 14 countries including from Africa and Pacific who have been trained as solar engineers by the Barefoot College in Rajasthan in India to improve their energy access and finances.

Modi - who has committed to reducing India's sizeable carbon footprint through a massive scale-up in renewable energy - said it was vital that nations were not priced out. "In India, we have distributed 28 crore (280 million) LED bulbs in last three years".

"All of us her have experienced global warming".

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"We will provide 500 training slots for member countries every year".

Without taking US President Donald Trump's name, Macron said that while some left the climate deal, others stayed because they wish good for their children and grandchildren.

The PPF will provide consultancy support on grant basis to requesting governments for project formulation.

They will proceed with the designation of National Focal Points and strengthen ISA to become an action-oriented and member-driven multilateral organisation. Major requirements of the country's energy needs are fulfilled by coal (about 60 per cent). One of the primary aims of the ISA is to raise and around $1 trillion investment to be utilised by 2030.

Today's summit will discuss various projects being prepared by different countries in areas including rural electrification, off grid solar power, water supply and irrigation.

It is open to all 121 prospective member countries falling between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Most of these countries are small, developing or underdeveloped, and lack visibility when it comes to garnering financial assistance. "India will begin the solar technology mission to bridge the gap in solar technology".

As many as 60 nations have signed the agreement to join ISA, while 30 have already ratified the agreement and made it possible to make it a legal entity in December past year. It is no wonder then that ISA will be headquartered in Gurgaon in Delhi's suburbs, the first time that an worldwide treaty body will have its secretariat in India.

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