Package bomb explosion injures 1 at FedEx distribution center near San Antonio

Ruben Fields
March 20, 2018

The FBI says a package exploded at the facility at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. Two people have died in the explosions and four others have been injured. "We went out and heard all the sirens, but it was eerie".

"We don't know why the bomber is doing this". Here's what we now know about the spate of bombings that is spreading terror in the city.

Police reportedly said the "medium-sized" package was on a conveyor track when it detonated.

"That concern is legitimate and real", Adler said, adding that residents should also be reassured by the massive police response to the attacks.

In the first three bombings, cardboard boxes were discovered outside homes, seeming to target specific individuals. A law enforcement source tells ABC News authorities will have to move slowly and methodically to process the complex scene where other FedEx packages containing unknown contents are all over the facility.

"The similarities they've seen to this point, lead them to believe - as we do - that these are all being constructed by the same person or persons who are responsible for this".

In the North Austin neighborhood of Allandale, its neighborhood association safety officer sent out an email to all their block captains alerting neighbors to be on the lookout of anything suspicious, such as out-of-place backpacks, suitcases and fishing wires.

"The use of a tripwire is far less discriminating than leaving parcel bombs at residences and suggests that the latest victims were not specifically targeted", the global think tank Stratfor Threat Lens said.

The police have not yet identified a suspect, but they believe the bomber is likely to have a military or police background, given the technical skill required to make the devices.

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In the search for answers to a series of explosions in Texas, authorities have come ahead with a simple plea to whoever's behind the blasts: Talk to us.

"There has not been an effort from the attacker to get publicity, and quite a few attackers are interested in what they see as glory and attention", Pape said in a telephone interview. "Both of them were kind of bleeding profusely", Grote said.

"It's too close for comfort", Mr. Holt said.

Grote said his son, who lives about 100 yards (91 meters) away from the blast, heard the explosion and raced outside. "I feel like it will happen again". "I was in the military".

The four neighborhoods where the explosions have occurred are varied economic and demographic slices of Austin.

The Austin Police Department says it is aware that a parcel bomb exploded overnight at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio and that it is working closely on the investigation with federal law enforcement agencies. Anthony House, 39, died on 2 March. The first killed a 17-year-old and wounded his mother and the second injured a 75-year-old woman.

One person has been injured this morning after a parcel explosion went off at the postal centre in San Antonio, as Federal Bureau of Investigation and police hunt the person behind the series of bombings.

In news conferences, officials have begun to take the unusual step of appealing to the bomber or bombers directly. "There are innocent people getting hurt in this community and it needs to come to a stop".

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