Action Street Fighter TV Series Confirmed to Be in the Works

Katie Ramirez
March 26, 2018

"Street Fighter" is known for its range of interesting characters, such as martial artist friends and rivals Ryu and Ken, U.S. Corporal Guile, Chinese Interpol officer Chun-Li, and the villainous M. Bison, leader of the corporation Shadaloo. Though on different journeys, our heroes' paths will cross as they are drawn into the World Warrior Tournament, a competition devised by M. Bison to find the most powerful and capable fighter in the world. "They have the credentials to help us launch a faithful adaptation of Street Fighter as a major TV series", said Yoshinori Ono, Capcom Executive Producer for Street Fighter.

The people who made live-action web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist have been signed up to work on a Street Fighter TV show, with Capcom's blessing. On the journey they come to share, they must draw on their strength, skills, intelligence and loyalty in a battle to survive and emerge as the World Warrior. "It will allow us to build an inclusive and engaging TV universe", Gordon added.

"Street Fighter", released in 1987, was a massively popular video game fighting franchise published by Capcom. There was that original Street Fighter movie that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, then there was also that movie that was based on Chun-Li's character that featured Kristin Kreuk in the titular role.

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Want do you think about the idea of a Street Fighter TV series?

Entertainment One, the Toronto-based media company, and its president, Mark Gordon, have reached a deal that will see the company develop, produce and finance a live-action television series adapting the mythos of the Street Fighter video game series. "Street Fighter" pits players against each other one-on-one.

The plans in place by eOne sound quite auspicious, seemingly showing their intent to delve deep into the (deceivingly complex) mythos of the Street Fighter series and finally do it justice. Entertainment One & Mark Gordon are set to produce a new television show about the legendary fighting game. One of their biggest struggles is often just the fact that there's only so much story that they can tell within a limited period of time.

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