FG Releases Names of Treasury Looters

Grant Boone
March 31, 2018

"While we congratulate the Lagos Governor Emeritus on his birthday, the PDP considers it needful, to forewarn him to study the current ambience of Nigerian politics as it relates to the failures of the Buhari Presidency and the fact that the citizens have since rejected this Presidency and the APC, so that Asiwaju will not find himself swimming against the tide".

The position of the Presidency on Friday reaffirmed an earlier reaction by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, who said the PDP should complement its apology by returning all the funds looted from public treasury under its watch.

Instead of addressing the issue raised by the Mohammed, the presidential spokesman noted that the PDP veered off to accuse the present administration of borrowing money.

"This goes beyond rebranding; Nigerians are not interested in brands - they want their money back", he said.

"Yet they made a decision to grandstand".

"In so doing and by placing the joy, comfort and happiness of others above ours, we will make a statement that vices such as, hate speech, bigotry, corruption, banditry and terrorism have no place in our nation".

"They accused the President of unevenness, of inflaming ethnic and religious tensions, when it is on record that they gave this country its divisive president who chose the hallowed premises of places of worship to read important national statements, " he said.

British ambassador's vehicle arrives at Russian foreign ministry
The reason for the visit was not immediately clear and there was not immediate announcement from the British embassy. Besides, Ottawa also denied three applications by the Russian government for additional diplomatic staff in Canada.

Some of the people on this list are seeking to plea bargain, and that is a fact. This shows the hollowness of their apology to Nigerians.

"It is like a robber admitting to stealing your auto and apologizing, but then saying he will keep the vehicle anyway".

"The PDP is a hypocrite, and that reminds me of what English writer William Hazlitt said, "The only vice that can not be forgiven is hypocrisy". And that reminds me of what English writer, William Hazlitt, said: "The only vice that can not be forgiven is hypocrisy".

"Our programmes and policies in the last three years have resulted in bringing down the prices of staple crops; gradual improvement of road, rail and electricity infrastructure; and making Nigeria the preferred destination for investors", he said.

"Another issue of moral and political significance is about the recent disclosure by United States investigators that the PDP government engaged in massive data theft that included the hacking of Candidate Muhammadu Buhari's personal data before the last general elections".

According to Punch, these are the names of the alleged looter below and the allegations against them by the Federal Government. The Buhari-led federal government has manifested its frenzy by going after matters that are in court and in which none of the persons has been convicted, thus betraying their wickedness and desperation to mislead the public, the court and divert attention from the heavy looting involving their members.

Shonibare said, "We are determined to take over Ekiti".

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