More than 1000 companies yet to submit figures on gender pay gap

Katie Ramirez
April 4, 2018

The UK government has issued a legislation to all UK companies employing at least 250 people to publish statistics revealing their gender pay gap, or even the lack of it.

Over 8,000 of the roughly 9,000 companies that are expected to report have submitted data.

While the median gives a good sense of where a company is overall, the mean figures will include the outliers - those with massive compensation deals.

"It is a feature of the aviation industry that more males than females choose to enter the pilot profession". The sum for each category is then divided by the number of employees in each gender. Pilots are paid far higher salaries. Whoever is getting the big bonuses is probably not a woman. The average pay gap was 14%. But comparing the mean hourly gender pay it had just 0.84 percent difference between the genders.

It's been an uncomfortable exercise for many companies, but advocates welcome the mandatory disclosures.

The iPhone maker said the gender pay gap was due to more men in senior positions than women which led to higher pay, bonuses and stock.

KFC, Matalan, Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's and Primark, British Museum and the armed forces have no gender pay gap.

HSBC says in its Gender Pay Gap Report that it's "confident in our approach to pay".

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It's not just sports teams.

How is the pay gap calculated?

"This gender split is largely structural, as for many years ONR has recruited its technical specialists in the higher grades from an education system and nuclear industry where men predominated in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects", said Dave Caton, ONR's HR director.

Airline pilots, for example, tend to be both well compensated and male.

Apple said on Tuesday that men earned 5 percent more on average than women at its United Kingdom operations, although the median pay gap was 2 percent in favour of women. However, women make-up two-thirds of cabin crew. Bonus payments to men and women are also compared.

The annual salary paid to EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren was cut by £34,000 ($48,000) to £706,000 ($994,000) in January. But for all the welcome progress in the decades since, major injustices still hold too many women back.

While the new data is limited to workers in the United Kingdom, it is likely that the situation is similar in other developed economies. This movement has been an effort to promote gender equality in the world. Men were paid 20.86 percent more on average and received bonuses 64.94 larger on average, while only 75.6 percent of women received a bonus in 2017 versus 84.05 percent of men at the studio. In the United States, it's about 82 cents for every dollar, according to data from the US Department of Labor.

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