Look! iPhones Of The Future May Have Curved Screens & Gesture Controls

Katie Ramirez
April 5, 2018

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The second experimental feature in Bloomberg's report relates to Apple designing iPhones with a display that curves inwards in the middle. But Apple's long-lasting distaste for curved displays may be going the way of its hatred of big-screen phones - which was legendary back in the day before the first Plus iPhone launched.

The feature won't be ready for at least two years -assuming Apple chooses to bring it to production, the source said. Samsung already offers versions of both technologies in its prior models.

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You may have spotted curved edges on Samsung's smartphones, but they tend to curve down and away at the display's boundaries. That's why fans should expect nothing but a fast and fluid experience when it comes to the iPad Pro 3 that is the tech giant's flagship tablet roster. That would suggest that these are OLED displays, which are much more flexible than LCDs.

However, neither of these concepts are new, with Samsung a few years ago introducing a similar technology called Air Gestures for touchless control of its phones. It's like hovering a finger over the display to control it. Apple's implementation does not require a motion sensor though.

An Apple spokesperson has declined to comment on the leaked information regarding Apple's two new projects. What we have yet to see or hear about is Apple's rumored new offering in the iPad Pro series, which is tagged as the iPad Pro 3.

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