Facebook to make Unsend feature available to all Messenger users

Ruben Fields
April 8, 2018

Up to 87 million people are believed to have been impacted by the Facebook data breach - with majority in the United States. In chat, messages disappear after all parties have read them. The company says it only ever received data on 30 million users, reports News.com.au.

Facebook announced changes to its political advertising policy on Friday ahead of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's expected appearance in Washington next week.

He has apologised for the data debacle and said he was ready to testify before Congress. Far from it, it seems that not a day goes by without some new piece of information which paints Facebook and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an unfavorable light.

Earlier this year, the IRA was charged with waging "information warfare" against the U.S.in an indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller's team, which has been investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 us presidential election.

Cook called privacy a "human right" and "a civil liberty", reports CNN. This ensures that they came up with a two-way privacy measurement, one for the users and another for the executives.

Facebook later limited the data apps can access, but it was too late in this case.

"We thought that the data had been deleted", Sandberg said.

The changes are meant to prevent future abuse of Facebook's sites during elections, Goldman and Himel said in their post.

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It's hard to understand why Facebook didn't implement many of these changes earlier, before the company found itself amid a sustained backlash about its approach to privacy. "By increasing transparency around ads and Pages on Facebook, we can increase accountability for advertisers - improving our service for everyone".

Facebook is understandably keen to make amends for its recent misdemeanors, but whether any of this will be enough to regain the trust of well-informed users remains to be seen. Facebook has already required political ads to verify who is paying for them and where the advertiser is located.

The company will require authorization for issue-based ads, such as ads around current political topics and debates.

Facebook is also going to start verifying the people behind large Pages. The company did not say what this number would be.

The company is trying to clamp down on fake pages and accounts used to disrupt the 2016 United States presidential election. If the links and images don't abide by Facebook's rules on content, it gets blocked, a Facebook spokesperson said Wednesday. "That would be a paid product". According to the lawsuit, which was filed to the U.S. District Court of Northern California, Lauren Price claimed she had been targeted for political advertisements during the 2016 elections after her data was illegally obtained. Today's updates are created to prevent future abuse in elections - and to help ensure you have the information that you need to assess political and issue ads, as well as content on Pages.

Sandberg gave several interviews this week as Zuckerberg prepares to testify before Congress.The issue of elections meddling is nearly certain to come up. Over the past three weeks, the scandal has continued to spiral. It will have a link to information on which Facebook apps they use and what information they have shared with those apps.

Seemingly in response to the gaffe, Facebook now plans to let all Messenger users "unsend" sent messages at some point in the future.

Indeed, it's not clear if Facebook's new unsend feature will allow ordinary users to perform the kind of unilateral, retroactive deletions Zuckeberg performed.

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