A Quiet Place scares up massive $50 million opening weekend

Brenda Watkins
April 9, 2018

That's enough to earn it the second-highest USA opening of the year to date behind Black Panther, which opened in Feb with US$202 million. And while Warner Bros. has not released the official budget of that spectacle, one can assume it is easily more than $100 or even $150 million more than A Quiet Place, not including marketing. However, the $50.4 million estimate again is nearly three times the budget the film is listed at, which is $17 million. This new horror film unexpectedly directed by John Krasinski (who also stars in the movie with his actual spouse, Emily Blunt) is getting nearly universal praise from critics and fans alike and we brought on special guest Rebecca Pahle to raise some commotion over the film.

"A Quiet Place" is built around a simple but chilling premise: flesh-eating creatures have invaded Earth, but they are blind and can track their prey only by sound.

"Ready Player One" won that title and lost it in a little less than a week.

Based on the novel by Ernest Cline (who cowrote the script with Zak Penn), Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan as a teenager in a dystopian future who embarks on a digital quest to win dominion over the Oasis, an immensely popular virtual-reality world infused with '80s and '90s pop culture nostalgia. It will add about $10.7 million internationally. Directed by Kay Cannon, the film follows the efforts of parents who are trying desperately to stop their daughters from losing virginity on prom night.

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Reviews have been largely positive for Blockers, and audiences gave it a solid B CinemaScore. Already the highest-grossing superhero film in U.S. history, its cumulative total in the United States and Canada now exceeds US$665 million.

Disney and Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" landed in fourth place with an estimated 8.43 million dollars in its eighth weekend, pushing its North American cume to 665.35 million dollars and globe cume to 1,299.9 million dollars to date.

The other new release of note this weekend, "Chappaquiddick", came in seventh place with $6.2 million. He reached out on Twitter to let Krasinski know that he loved the movie and that he's already seen it twice.

Initial box office expectations were in the high teens or low twenty millions for the film, but as buzz built, those were raised to somewhere in the mid-thirties.

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