Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Sean Hannity after Twitter feud over First Lady

Brenda Watkins
April 9, 2018

Kimmel offered a statement on Twitter reflecting on his jousting with Hannity and while he conceded parts of their spat have been "fun", he expressed concern about "the level of vitriol from all sides" in the beef. After reportedly receiving hate-filled tweets aimed at his wife and infant son, the late-night emcee issued a statement on Sunday to say that enough's enough.

In a note posted online, Kimmel admitted things may have gotten too far as the typed-out tensions between them escalated online.

"I, too, will give my words more thought and recognize my role in inciting their hatefulness", Kimmel promised.

Kimmel also apologized to the gay community offended by him mocking Hannity's "deference to the President" and a tweet in which he joked about the Fox News host having sex with Trump.

However, Kimmel unexpectedly found himself taking heat for a pair of Twitter jokes he made in response to Hannity calling him an "a**clown" on his Fox News show.

Hannity responded shortly after Kimmel's apology and said a longer statement would be coming soon.

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'I don't take joy in this, but I have just had it with the unrelenting hypocrisy, ' Hannity said.

On Friday, during a heated exchange with Hannity, Kimmel at one point tweeted, "Don't worry - just keep tweeting - you'll get back on top!" Mrs. Trump nearly certainly has enough to be concerned about without properly used like a jolt to enhance TV scores.

The brawl between Kimmel and Hannity then made its way to Twitter, where these two fought most of Friday and even into the night. "We will show you video proof of Kimmel's creepy, perverted, misogynistic and even racist past and that is tonight's breaking news opening monologue", said Hannity. A comedy bit, referenced in Hannity's tweet, that Kimmel was a part of almost 15 years ago when he co-hosted Comedy Central's "The Man Show".

Both Handler and Kimmel have expressed support for LGBTQ causes throughout their careers, which is perhaps the biggest reason their bottom-referencing jokes have landed with such a thud.

This sparked a backlash against Kimmel from the gay community for resorting to immature and homophobic taunts in his Twitter war with Hannity. "Jimmy, you're a despicable disgrace", Hannity said Wednesday on his eponymous TV program. But more importantly, Hannity claiming Kimmel's comedy bit is identical to Weinstein's misconduct is demeaning to Weinstein's countless victims.

The Day by day Beast's Ira Madison III additionally wrote that if Kimmel "truly cared about homosexual folks [he] wouldn't resort to clichéd jokes" about homosexual intercourse.

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