Boss Key Announces 80s-Inspired Battle Royale Shooter Radical Heights

Ruben Fields
April 10, 2018

If you're in the mood for free-to-play battle royale, here's our Fortnite update tracker.

Radical Heights features a bright, visceral aesthetic inspired by the '80s with some interesting twists that come by way of "game show" moments where you need to seek out prizes and other items such as cash that travels with you from each match you go in to the next.

Below you can find the game's first screenshots, as well as its official PC requirements. You can also spend that cash to buy weapons for an early advantage in your next game.

"Offshore Bank": The "Offshore Bank" is your total accrued CASH stored in a safe place to use in matches (via ATM Machines) or in your own personal prize room to buy rad cosmetics.

"Welcome to RADICAL HEIGHTS, a free X-TREME Early Access BATTLE ROYALE shooter". However, these cosmetic items can also be obtained via cash, but there is a bit of a catch.

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Update: Hours after their initial reveal, Boss Key Productions tweeted about Pay to Win concerns in the Radical Heights founders pack. Only a few guns were shown off in the trailer and they were purchased at vending machines. There has been no word or information on additional modes of transportation such as trucks or cars. We certainly didn't expect a brand-new game announcement fresh on its heels.

Radical Heights will be available to download for free starting on Steam Early Access from April 10th, 2018.

Boss Key is going all in on the '80s aesthetic as well, with everything from the outfits to the vehicles to the weapons and locations looking like it was ripped straight out of an '80s movie (even though the game is set in 2023).

The shooter is slated to stay in early access for a year and will launch tomorrow in a playable, yet unfinished, state. Players will start out with zero money regardless of which version of the game they are playing. You play as one of the participants on this game show who must not only kill the competition but try to score a little cash along the way. Make sure to check back with us for more details about the gameplay, economy, and performance.

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