Boehner Latest Name in Republican Support of Cannabis Legalization

Grant Boone
April 13, 2018

"The trend that we're seeing towards acceptance of cannabis has gone hand in hand with greater education and conversation around the plant, which has naturally lessened stigmatization", said Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of BDS Analytics' Consumer Insights Division.

In 2016 MA voters approved recreational-marijuana sales in a statewide ballot question, with the measure garnering 64 percent support on Nantucket. The ruling applies only to Redner but could open the door for others who have said the state should allow whole-plant use. He has supported medical marijuana, but under heavy regulations.

Lirot said he will file a motion as soon as Thursday asking Gievers to lift the stay.

Boehner's decision may not come as a surprise to some. Florigrown filed a separate marijuana-related lawsuit in Tallahassee previous year. "I'm trying to depoliticize the issue", Cuomo said.

Right now, 8 states have legalized the plant for recreational use and 29 states have legalized it for medicinal purposes. The amendment, which passed in 2016, legalized medical marijuana in Florida.

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"If this ruling is upheld, it will dramatically change patient access", he said. "They've got the money behind them". The bill makes reference to opiate use in defining what would be considered "intractable pain", or a state in which the cause of the pain "cannot be removed or otherwise treated with the consent of the is a pain so chronic and severe as to otherwise warrant an opiate prescription".

Boehner also said the move would curtail federal-state conflict on marijuana policies.

Trulieve got in trouble with state health officials past year, after the vendor started selling whole-flower cannabis.

The Department of Health is involved in eight other court cases related to medical marijuana, ranging from licensing of treatment centers to the banning of smoking.

In a separate lawsuit filed last week, Trulieve asked a judge to strike down a state law that limits the number of dispensaries marijuana companies can operate, saying the restriction "arbitrarily impairs product availability and safety" and "unfairly penalizes" pot providers.

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