Met Police warns dead burglar's family to respect residents in Hither Green

Clay Curtis
April 13, 2018

The 37-year-old, along with Bill Jeeves is suspected of burgling Richard Osborn-Brooks' home on South Park Crescent - which remains cordoned off by police - on 4 April.

Residents have described them as being "in poor taste".

Footage from Monday night showed a man stamping on the tributes in a separate attack, claiming: "The flowers need burning".

One of the vigilantes who has been photographed taking down the tributes, known only as Mike, told The Sun: "You'd think the coppers would have better things to do".

"We just want the travellers to stay away and let things get back to normal, it's not air to keep using those very bad carnations to make us feel uncomfortable in our own homes".

"There's a copper standing right next to the fence keeping an eye on the flowers".

Tensions are rising in the Lewisham Borough, south London, with locals accusing the travellers of "intimidation" and calling for "things to go back to normal".

The tributes were pulled down for the fourth time yesterday by Iain Gordon, who tried to rip the head off a teddy bear.

A man filmed himself tearing down the flowers earlier this week, saying he was "furious" they had been left.

You've got scumbags coming around here with f***ing toys, coming down here with their f***ing toys.

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Heartbroken friends of Vincent believe they have a right to lay flowers 20 yards from the break-in.

But the tributes have infuriated Mr Osborn-Brooks' neighbours and other locals, some of whom have returned to pull them down each time they appear.

Sir Craig Mackey, Met deputy commissioner, has also urged those placing tributes to Henry Vincent to be "respectful" to local people.

"This is a tragedy for the family who have lost a loved one".

"While the location and nature of floral tributes is generally not a matter for police, our officers are providing support both to residents and those who are mourning".

We want those laying flowers to respect the local people and the impact on them.

Vincent was stabbed last Wednesday by Mr Osborn-Brooks, who has gone into hiding with disabled wife Maureen, 76 - fearing reprisals - after being freed without charge.

Police later urged the public to respect the family's wishes, but Mackey said on Thursday that the area had become a focus for disruption and required a police presence. "Officers will assess any potential criminal offences including any allegations that are made to police, which will be dealt with in a fair and appropriate manner on an individual basis".

Pensioner Osborn-Brooks and his wife Maureen are now living in a police safe house and are under 24 hour police supervision.

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