Velayati: If Trump exits nuclear deal, Iran will pull out

Daniel Fowler
April 28, 2018

Macron has more sympathy than perhaps any other foreign leader for Trump's arguments that the deal falls short of sealing off Iran's alleged quest for a nuclear weapon - which the French leader vowed before lawmakers that Tehran would "never" be allowed to possess. President Trump has notably called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese, withdrawn the United States from the Paris agreement, and increased tariffs on Chinese solar panels, therefore increasing the cost of solar power in the United States. In this context, he said, the administration has to weigh the impacts on Middle East stability if the Iran agreement "does not get extended and maintain the verification - intrusive verification - that we need". He said Trump has not yet made a decision. Macron urged the United States to understand that there is "no Planet B", that the world must work together to solve the problem or all will suffer.

French President Emmanuel Macron received a warm, three-minute standing ovation from U.S. lawmakers Wednesday before delivering - in English - a rare address to Congress, urging America to help "reinvent multilateralism". Trump's strategy relies on the assumption that if the US and the Europeans unilaterally agree to new demands, Iran will back down and voluntarily comply in order to continue enjoying the benefits.

He also addressed a point made by others - that withdrawing would undermine US leverage and credibility in coming talks with North Korea about eliminating its nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis emphasized the value of certain aspects of the Iran nuclear agreement, even as Trump considers pulling out of the deal, which he has attacked repeatedly and this week called "insane".

When he was a member of Congress, Mr. Pompeo was a staunch opponent of the deal, and European diplomats believe any chance of changing Mr. Trump's mind on the agreement will require changing Mr. Pompeo's mind. "That makes the United States a rather unlikely partner in any global agreement".

China: Knife attacker kills 7 children, wounds 12
The suspect, a 28-year-old man also from Mizhi, wanted to exact payback for the bullying he had suffered at school, CCTV reported. Pictures released by Huashang Daily shows injured students being carried by police and onlookers and one man being arrested.

"At the end of the day you will be the ones to decide", he said.

Zarif spoke to the AP at the official residence of Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, alongside Central Park. "They should have made a deal that covered Yemen, that covered Syria, that covered other parts of the Middle East", he said. But Zarif laughed off her claims.

"Whether that is sufficient I think is a valid question", he said after Sen. The Iranian military advisers and Iran-backed Shiite militias aiding Syrian President Bashar Assad are a profound concern for the United States and its closest Mideast ally, Israel.

The naval chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards has warned that the US underestimates his country's power at sea and may only appreciate it when it's too late.

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