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Ruben Fields
May 9, 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off his company's annual Google I/O developer conference on Tuesday by trumpeting the benefits of artificial intelligence technologies.

Numerous updates have a practical bent, created to ease tasks such as composing emails, making lists, navigating city streets and lessening the digital distractions that have increasingly addled people's lives as a result of previous tech industry innovations.

Google also surprised viewers when it debuted a new Duplex tool that enables Assistant to call businesses and schedule appointments or make reservations.

Google has unveiled artificial intelligence software that books appointments over the phone on behalf of users by conducting voice-based conversations on their behalf. For instance, Google is making inroads with bringing a more conversational aspect to Assistant so things feel much more natural than they already do.

Android P brings new gestures for navigating smartphones, especially given the trend of more 18:9 aspect ratio displays, which are taller with no home button on the front and often hard to use with one hand.

To help make Google News more visually appealing, the app uses a format called newscasts.

Google's new Android P will focus on helping users regain their phone-life balance.

Google Assistant also got a voice upgrade.

Moreover, R&B singer and songwriter John Legend's voice is coming to Google Assistant later this year, in addition to five other options to choose from.

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While you can decide to return to the safety of the stable release of Android, your device will be wiped clean. In theory, the assistant will interact as naturally as a real human, and the hair salon or dentist will have no idea they're not talking to a real person.

Now, if you slide up from the home button on the bottom of the screen, you'll see all of your app icons.

So how will the new machine learning actually be used? What this does is it estimates where a user is by using landmarks and other visual features in the environment as a guide.

- Google Photos can now colorise black and white photos, convert documents pictures into PDFs and more. "We'll be experimenting with the right approach over the coming months". I imagine Google is thinking up other ways to use the bottom of the phone now that it has the real estate; I wouldn't be surprised to see more contextual buttons show up in future updates to Android. Google says the more the app is used, the better the recommendations will get.

Now Google Lens is getting some major updates, arriving in the cameras of many major smartphones and new features like "Smart Text Selection" and "Style Match".

There are some differences; Google's added a slider that lets you quickly navigate between apps, so flipping through your apps is still a bit quicker than on iOS.

Google's updated Google News app Google/Business Insider Users who want more information on those topics will be able to tap or click on a "full coverage" button.

The company has not revealed the desert-themed name for Android P, which is expected before the end of the year, alongside the third generation of Pixel phones. Samsung has been developing its own similar feature called Bixby Vision.

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