A Star Wars Story' Featuring Mark Hamill, Ewan McGregor, Donald

Brenda Watkins
May 10, 2018

You'd think that a new season of events and content would have the embattled Star Wars Battlefront II community overjoyed, but if you expected that, then you've not been on the internet for very long.

Jabba's Palace is a location from the game's predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront (2015), which should be a nice surprise for fans of that game who miss playing on that stage or those gamers who hadn't played it before at all.

Many of you will be aware that a standalone Han Solo movie is going to be coming out soon as well and it has already been confirmed that new and as yet unannounced content inspired by the upcoming movie is going to be released for this game next month.

As if they were blasting into hyperspace, the jerseys show the motion of flying through the stars, and feature Chewbacca and Han Solo's spaceship shooting across the front, just under the Aces logo.

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Additionally, DICE is adding new Appearances inspired by the opening act of Return of the Jedi, including Lando Calrissian's Skiff Guard disguise and Leia in Boushh's bounty hunter gear.

Hero Showdown is a round-based elimination mode that allows players to pair up characters and pit them in two-on-two Hero vs. Villains battles. The Han Solo Season also introduces a new game mode called Hero Showdown. Offline, you'll be able to play Starfighter Assault in the Starfighter Custom Arcade.

The Han Solo Season for "Battlefront 2" also brings Starfighter Custom Arcade.

Main menu tweaks and new milestones: the holographic effect in menus will be replaced and the first part of this substitution will take place on May 16.

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