Investigators claim to have solved the mystery of missing Flight MH370

Clay Curtis
May 15, 2018

It has been four years since MH370 disappeared, carrying 239 passengers onboard en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

However, a panel of experts assembled for Australian TV programme 60 Minutes claim to have solved the mystery, saying that Captain Zaharie Amad Shah carried out a "deliberate" and "suicidal" act, executing a series of specific manoeuvres to ensure the plane disappeared forever.

"So both of the controllers aren't bothered about this mysterious aircraft".

Speaking to The Australian, Captain Keane, who is also a Royal Air Force intelligence officer, said: "You may recall my observation of "complicity to a crime" if the ATSB cling to their version of events when they have knowledge to the contrary".

"And after two months of interested by it, I lastly received the reply - any person was wanting out the window".

Larry Vance, ex-senior investigator for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, told the program, "I think the general public can take comfort in the fact there is a growing consensus on the plane's final moments".

According to Hardy, the plane went off course and "dipped the wing" over the Malaysian state of Penang, taking a sharp turn because the pilot wanted to get one last look of his hometown.

"It might have been a long, emotional goodbye or a short, emotional goodbye to his hometown". It's not in our space anymore.' If you were commissioning me to do this operation and try and make a 777 disappear, I would do exactly the same thing.

Captain Keane believes the doomed flight was hijacked by pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah and intentionally flown outside the search area.

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Mr Vance said the discovery of the right-wing flaperon from MH370 on Reunion Island proves the impact could not have occurred at high speed.

John Dawson, a lawyer who represented the nine families whose relatives vanished from MH370 and MH17, agreed that evidence suggested one of the aircrew was responsible.

However, that hasn't stopped an array of speculation about the causes of the plane's disappearance or what was going through the pilots' heads on that fateful day.

"It did the job because we know, as a fact, that the military did not come and intercept the aircraft", Hardy said, adding that he believed someone was in control of the plane until the end.

"That aircraft has probably depressurized, the people died of asphyxiation, it was premeditated murder".

Most of the wreckage from the airliner has never been found and bodies have never been recovered.

Ocean Infinity began the search on January 22 this yr, following a failed £111million seek for the airplane.

The investigation is expected to be wrapped up by mid-June.

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