Phone explosion caught on camera in Las Vegas store

Ruben Fields
May 15, 2018

Smartphones are powered by lithium-ion batteries, and lithium-ion batteries can explode.

A surveillance video from an undisclosed fix shop in Las Vegas shows an iPhone exploding, according to a report from CBS New York.

Now, before we get into this story and show you the video, it's obviously important to note that you shouldn't start to worry that your iPhone might explode when you least expect it. This was a huge problem years back when several major computer makers had batteries that were exploding and causing fires. The employee quickly jumped up as the phone burned itself out after a few seconds. The surveillance video shows an employee sitting at his desk and working on a different phone, with the unsafe device to his left.

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The video shows a worker sitting nearby, working on another phone, when the device exploded. In the video, it is not visible whether it is a smartphone which burst into flames, however, according to the KTNV report, the store representative said that object was a smartphone, an iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6 was reportedly in a Las Vegas store to have the screen replaced after it cracked when the battery expanded from heat.

Anyone who owns an electronic device with a battery inside should know by now that if damaged, and sometimes for no reason at all, batteries can overheat and burst into flames.

The KTNV video of this iPhone explosion can be seen below.

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