Uber scraps mandatory arbitration clause for sexual harassment claims

Ruben Fields
May 15, 2018

Uber will also provide survivors with the option to settle their claims with the company without a confidentiality provision that prevents them from speaking about the facts of the sexual assault or sexual harassment.

"Divulging the details of what happened in a sexual assault or harassment should be up to the survivor, not us", Uber said. "Whatever they decide, they will be free to tell their story wherever and however they see fit".

"It's important to give sexual assault, and harassment survivors control of how they pursue their claims".

He also addressed cases that are now in litigation.

Uber says it's getting rid of its forced arbitration agreements for employees, riders and drivers who make sexual assault claims against the company.

The shift announced Tuesday will allow riders and drivers to file allegations of rape and other sexual misconduct in courts and mediation instead of being locked into an arbitration hearing.

Uber is due to respond in court by Wednesday about whether it will require the women in the proposed class action suit to carry out their assault claims in arbitration. "We still are having, I think, an important conversation about whether or not this ought to be extended to different types of legal claims".

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Also today Uber has announced that it will be publishing what it describes as a "safety transparency report" - which it says will include data on sexual assaults and "other incidents" that occur as a result of activity on its platform.

The new rules mark another conciliatory move made by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (kahs-row-SHAH'-hee).

"We have no interest in closing down a person's freedom to voice their experience or force their concerns. I want to thank (CNN) for the reporting that you've done on this issue".

Previously, upon signing up for Uber's service, Uber says users agreed to resolve any claims on an individual basis through arbitration.

Uber said they are adding a feature on their app that allows riders to share live information about their trip with up to five trusted contacts, and they are also implementing an emergency button that will communicate the car's location to 911.

Concerns about safety and Uber's attitude to reporting serious crimes were also among the reasons identified by London's transport regulator for withdrawing Uber's license to operate in the United Kingdom capital last September.

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