HTC to launch Exodus - a blockchain-powered phone

Katie Ramirez
May 16, 2018

HTC hasn't released any official images of what the Exodus will look like. The report explains the phone will have a universal wallet and a built-in secure hardware enclave to support cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.

HTC is not the first company to envision a blockchain smartphone. Meanwhile, HTC Vive creator Phil Chen have been quoted as saying that the company may consider cryptocurrency as a means of payment for the upcoming multiple blockchain-powered phone.

The phone, revealed by The Next Web, is called Exodus. HTC says every phone will serve as its own blockchain node, part of the network that helps make blockchain systems secure.

At a blockchain conference today, HTC announced a new concept Android phone that is optimized for the blockchain.

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At launch, HTC will support Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity and other "underlying protocols".

Mr Chen states Exodus will support "the entire blockchain ecosystem" with "many more exciting partnerships" to be announced in the "next few months".

The device will also feature what's supposed to be a trusted and user-friendly UI for DApps. While the Exodus phone maintains a crypto-connection, its important to understand the basics of blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies to see how revolutionary this device could be. Naturally, users will also be able to purchase the phone itself using cryptocurrency. As the company's "Decentralized Chief Officer", Chen notes users will own their "ID and data" right on the phone, instead of the cloud. Similarly, there's no set release date beyond "by the end of the year". So far, there is no word about when we might see the Exodus, but Sirin's Finney is now expected to launch in October. In fact, i'll bet that these phones which double as a cryptocurrency wallet will become a prime target for attacks, and hope HTC is aware of this when developing it.

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