Lando Might Be The Next Star Wars Spin-Off Movie

Brenda Watkins
May 16, 2018

Solo is not the Star Wars story you are anticipating. Apart from the handsome costumes and locations, the fans will also get to see a lot of action in the movie. Hats off to Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo, who discreetly stepped into the franchise to take on more action-intensive scenes for original Chewie actor, Peter Mayhew, in 2016's The Force Awakens and has since assumed the reigns nearly entirely. How about the real story on how he won the Millennium Falcon? Check. The beginning of his frienemy relationship with Lando? While "Solo" hasn't completely overcome the long odds, those harboring a love of the franchise should come away, ultimately, with a good feeling about this. It lacks any of the classical purity we have come to expect from Star Wars, instead dangling tales that will be presumably delivered upon in sequels. For the entirety of its running time, there's not a Jedi in sight, and the Empire is really more of a brief obstacle for Han to get around.

It turns out Han was born on a lawless world called Corellia, where he learned how to be a pilot, and frolicked with his girlfriend Qi'ra, played by Emilia Clarke, who is far more interesting when flanked by dragons.

Jon Favreau amiably voices the crew's sight gag crewmate Rio, while Paul Bettany does what he can with one-note bad guy Dryden Vos. Combine that with the fact that Lando is one of the most likable and iconic Star Wars characters in the galaxy and we have a ideal recipe for a spinoff. She's a droid unlike any other in the Star Wars Universe.

Overall, "Solo" finds a comfortable compromise between action and comedy, even if some of the scenes could have been lit a little more brightly.

But it's not all a smooth ride, cowpokes. The first, 2016's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", took place just before the original "Star Wars" - aka "A New Hope" - and followed a group of rebels out to steal the plans for the Death Star. It's a narrative that is consistently being lurched unnaturally from point to point in order to cover every single facet of Han Solo, most of which is already implicit or unnecessary. With the exception of one or two lines that anticipate the title character's future adventures, the proceedings have the perfunctory air of biting into the aforementioned apple, and taking tasteful, unobjectionable nibbles. He's basically trapped in amber, and when he makes a significant decision, we're left scratching our heads as to why. Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!

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In short, it's clearly a movie made by committee with many hands on deck. What's less surprising is that none of these deaths has much of an impact because we met the characters in question just a few minutes beforehand.

Star Wars was released in 1977 and has become one of the biggest film franchises in the history of cinema. "There's enough here to satisfy the fan base and give Disney a very strong turnout", he wrote. You know, both the way she looks and her attitude. There is a reference to an old Star Wars video game.

So this brings us to the fifth movie to feature Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the first with Solo played by a different actor. Lando hangs out in a gambling den for a good chunk of the film, a setting that also allows for a showcase of the film's many cool, new alien designs.

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