Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Domain Names Registered

Katie Ramirez
May 16, 2018

She goes on to hint that we could see Pokemon Go accessories for the Nintendo Switch as well.

Another main point to rear its head is the setting of the new Pokemon game, which will supposedly take place in Kanto, the location of the original games.

There's reason to think that might be the case, so let's go over the latest rumors and see why it could actually be happening.

Update: Serebiit reports that it is the very same company that registered the official Pokemon Sun & Moon website domain.

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Domain names have been registered for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, lending further weight to Pokeon Switch rumours. Both of these are one of the most popular IPs for Nintendo. How could Switch benefit from Pokémon Go's success, and how could Pokémon Go benefit from Switch's success? Now we're getting more information on what this game will be like, thanks to more leaked info from industry insiders. Linking the console and mobile games was also mentioned, though to what extent remains unknown.

An alleged Pokemon Switch leak has potentially outed the name of the upcoming RPG, with a logo for the game reportedly surfacing online. However, like traditional Pokemon titles, expect two versions. At this time, it's not clear whether that will be the primary way you catch Pokemon or just an option. Naturally then, people have been speculating when the "Pokemon Go" style game will come to the Nintendo Switch.

If the information about a reveal before the end of May turns out to be correct, we should get a taste of whether this is the direction Nintendo is going within the next few weeks. It could forsake the traditional trappings of previous games on the Nintendo 3DS for a format not too dissimilar to Pokemon Go.

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