Queen Elizabeth allegedly livid with Meghan Markle's father

Brenda Watkins
May 16, 2018

Samantha confirmed that her father will undergo surgery following a heart attack last week, she did however say there was still hope he would make the wedding.

Samantha has taken responsibility for making the arrangements and was on Good Morning Britain to defend her actions, describing the media as "vultures".

"Early in the year we were asked not to speak to the public, but I'm pretty adamant about it", she told Sunrise.

"They will speak to him once he arrives about the royal protocol".

"I wanted a title that was opposite content, so for intelligent minds, to look at that I assume that people would understand that, ' before saying people preferred to 'look at the negative".

She replied: 'Did you see me say those things or are you assuming them from tabloids?'

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"He was living a very quiet peaceful life, not as a recluse", she said of Thomas, who lives in Mexico.

Controversial television host and former newspaper owner Piers Morgan has torn shreds off Samantha Markle, the half-sister of princess-in-waiting Meghan, in a fiery TV interview on Good Morning Britain. "Shame on them. He had a right and a moral obligation to set the record straight and defend himself". "But when he calls me panicking on the freeway because he's in a risky situation, being followed by seven or eight cars, I think there have been examples in history of how unsafe that can be", she said, seeming to allude to the death of Princess Diana in a Paris auto accident while being followed by photographers. I think there have been examples in history of how unsafe that can be.

"He was so stressed out. He can't go anywhere without being followed, and really, it's quite atrocious and intrusive-and I think it's highly unethical".

Samantha Markle is reportedly writing an autobiography titled "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister", which will include details about about her half-sister.

Seventeen years older than Meghan, Samantha Markle has claimed she raised her half-sister for 12 years when they were growing up in California, but that has been disputed by other family sources, the report added.

We spoke with Samantha Markle a few days ahead of Meghan's wedding with Prince Harry - amidst a ton of family drama brewing among the Markles - and she tells us she doesn't care if her sis wants her to refrain from blabbing to the media as much as she has.

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