Scottish parliament decisively rejects European Union withdrawal bill

Clay Curtis
May 16, 2018

A motion by the SNP administration in Edinburgh, which clearly states that the Scottish Parliament "does not consent" to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, was approved by 93 votes to 30 on Tuesday.

A Labour amendment calling for "cross-party talks in an attempt to broker an agreed way forward" was accepted, and Scottish Brexit minister Mike Russell said he would invite United Kingdom ministers to "hear the concerns of all parties" and to discuss "any new ideas".

The Scottish government claims that clause 11 of the Bill, which is making its way through parliament at Westminster, undermines the devolution settlement with Scotland.

The Edinburgh assembly voted by 93 votes to 30 to deny consent for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which is now going through the national parliament in London and is supposed to provide clarity on the legal position as Britain severs ties with the bloc.

"I still hope that they will take a positive decision, that they will take a step back and look at the proposal that we have put forward in relation to the specific arrangement which is just to keep 24 areas which affect the whole of the United Kingdom exactly as they are at the moment, so that the day after we leave the European Union nothing will have changed".

"I have said time and again it is unacceptable that the legislation gives the UK Government the power to ban the Scottish Parliament from legislating on devolved areas for up to seven years without the Parliament's consent".

Scottish Green co-convener Patrick Harvie was also clear his party's MSPs would "not consent to the UK Government's assault on the powers of the Scottish Parliament". Adam Tomkins, the Scottish Conservatives' constitutional spokesman, said: "It's patently obvious that Nicola Sturgeon wants a political crisis to provide cover for her independence drive".

The Scottish government says it has "been entirely consistent in public and in private". "I just don't see how that can be characterised as a power grab".

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Brexit means powers that have been exercised by Brussels returning to the UK.

Speaking in Holyrood, he said: "While the UK Government is delivering additional devolution".

A source close to the negotiations said: "It's incredible that the Scottish government are now giving the impression that there was never any prospect of them signing up to a deal of this sort and that it's a constitutional outrage".

"The danger if I am being less optimistic, or pessimistic, is that the whole process crashes before that can emerge because time is running out and the clock is ticking", she said.

- What is legislative consent and why does it matter anyway?

Labour MSPs joined the SNP and the Greens in opposing the bill. "It would be even more outrageous if, having seen Holyrood specifically refuse consent to this Bill, the Tories imposed it on Scotland against our will", she said.

Lidington has said he is "open to suggestions that would improve the Bill" but has repeatedly refused to amend the legislation.

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