United Nations chief to meet Trump after USA nuclear deal exit

Grant Boone
May 16, 2018

Thanks to withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, North Korea can observe what will happen if it does not deal honestly with the U.S. Upon exiting the deal, Trump used his legal authority granted by Congress to enact severe sanctions on Iran.

In June, US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Leader, Kim Jong-Un will meet in Singapore for the first such high level talks since the end of the Korean War.

Last month, Pompeo became the first known USA official to meet with Kim, where he helped lay the groundwork for the upcoming meeting with Trump. It has close ties with the United States as a major trade and investment partner, and has also maintained diplomatic relations with North Korea since 1975.

China said Pak Thae Song, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, visited Beijing on Monday at the invitation of the Chinese Communist Party.

North Korea has invited global media to witness the destruction of the site, but not technical inspectors, leaving disarmament experts and nuclear scientists wondering how effective the plan is - and whether it will be safe.

While the tragedy of that situation only serves to further highlight the ruthlessness and brutality of a regime which continues to have little to no regard for the rule of law or basic human rights, what we witnessed this week was an important first step to what may very well serve as a larger conversation for saving the lives of millions of North Koreans, South Koreans and individuals around the globe. If Kim Jong-un desires peace, he must come clean on all of his country's nuclear weapons. And yet, we know that for peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula, the "politics of success" is not only the best road ahead, but also the only option left.

Fearing the last-on-the-scene USSR would overrun and subjugate the entire peninsula, U.S. Army officers Dean Rusk, future secretary of state, and Charles H. Bonesteel III, future general, were ordered to immediately define the area of American occupation - with no Korean input.

All three men are ethnic Koreans who became naturalized US citizens.

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"Kim sounded Xi out about the possibility that North Korea could receive economic support from China during the denuclearization process", the Japanese daily wrote.

The men received a hero's welcome from Trump when they arrived back in the US early Thursday and were then taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Previous estimates by the South Korean government have stated it could cost as much as $500bn (£370bn) to rebuild the North's moribund economy.

In a statement, the White House said the Trump-Guterres meeting "will reaffirm the commitment of the United States to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the United Nations". They will get private capital that comes in.

Chinese forces intervened and pushed the United Nations troops back around the 38th parallel, and while the shooting continued, the sides began a two-year process of stitching together a cease-fire, reached in 1953.

For now, Pompeo is holding out the prospect of a Wirtschaftswunder, or economic miracle, on the scale that took place in West Germany in the 1950s.

I would also say the following. Pakistan and Iran have also faced many sanctions by U.S. however Pakistan got succeeded in testing the nuclear gadgets.

A TDP online poll asked readers: "How confident are you that President Trump will be able to get Kim Jong Un to agree to total nuclear disarmament during their upcoming summit?"

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