Watch a Model X tow a Dreamliner

Daniel Fowler
May 16, 2018

Previously, a video surfaced on the internet wherein Tesla Model X driver showed up to help the truck stuck on a snowy road in the region of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Model X electric SUV pulled a 130-tonne 787-9 Dreamliner nearly 300m, breaking the record for the heaviest tow by an electric passenger vehicle. Most petrolheads will remember the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI, which created quite stir when it towed a Boeing 747, back in 2006. But the Tesla was the first electric passenger vehicle to achieve this feat.

This is not the first time an electric vehicle has moved a Qantas aircraft.

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The tow vehicle in the video is a Model X P100D, and the plane is the latest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, carrying a "small amount of fuel on board" but no passengers.

Tesla along with Qantas came together for a more updated take on the same stunt.

The Tesla Model X P100D is rated to tow 2267 kg of weight. Tesla owners who are apart of Qantas' Frequent Flyer program will have their mileage offset in their vehicles as well as their flight miles for the month of June as part of their Future Planet Program. The Germans retaliated with the Porsche Cayenne S Diesel past year, which pulled a 285-tonne Airbus A380 for an impressive 73 metres. The Tesla Model X P100D's electric motor generates an impressive 1,072Nm of torque.

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