Zuckerberg to appear before European Parliament

Clay Curtis
May 17, 2018

"Our citizens deserve a full and detailed explanation", he added.

The president of the ALDE liberal group, Guy Verhofstadt already said he would not attend the meeting if it was behind closed doors.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg will appear before the European parliament, says its president Antonio Tajani.

But the decision to hold the meeting with the European Parliament behind closed doors has angered others.

The committee tweeted that it remained open to Zuckerberg giving evidence via video link, or in person, adding: "Him not appearing before us is not just a snub to the DCMS committee, but more importantly a snub to the United Kingdom and the millions of Facebook users in the United Kingdom who deserve answers".

He might get tougher questions in Brussels, where an assertive new European data protection law comes into effect on May 25.

Alexander Nix
Cambridge Analytica suspended chief executive Alexander Nix in March

Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová was admonished by Tajani when she said it was a pity the hearing would not be public. "It is a step in the right direction towards restoring confidence".

Zuckerberg has so far declined to appear, to the British lawmakers' annoyance.

Zuckerberg's European Union visit will be his first since a whistleblower alleged that Cambridge Analytica improperly harvested information from over 50 million Facebook accounts to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

Parliament's media committee said Thursday that Alexander Nix had accepted a summons to appear June 6.

But he will not appear before the British parliamentary committee investigating the matter, but rather has agreed to appear before the European parliament at a closed-door meeting.

"It is disappointing that a company with the resources of Facebook chooses not to provide a sufficient level of detail and transparency on various points including on Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, the amount spent by Russian Federation on United Kingdom ads on the platform, data collection across the web, budgets for investigations, and that shows general discrepancies between Schroepfer and Zuckerberg's respective testimonies", committee chair and Conservative MP Damian Collins said in a statement.

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