Driver finds gun lodged in the front of his auto

Clay Curtis
May 27, 2018

This brings new meaning to the term "gunning your engine".

A driver in Washington was stunned to find a gun lodged in the front of his auto after something hit his vehicle on Thursday morning.

This Wednesday, May 23, 2018 photo provided by the Washington State Patrol shows a handgun embedded in the front bumper of a auto in Lakewood, Wash. When he stopped at the gas station, he found the handgun lodged barrel-first into his bumper.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Guy Gill says the driver notified troopers, who recovered the gun, which was missing its magazine.

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State Police took the gun and turned it over to the Lakewood Police Department.

The gun was missing its magazine, Gill told The Associated Press, adding that it was a "completely weird way to recover a weapon". It's not immediately clear where the firearm came from.

Lakewood Police Detective Chris Lawler says the handgun may be connected to a shooting Wednesday night at Harry Todd Park, not far from the freeway.

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