Trump wants briefing on FBI

Clay Curtis
May 27, 2018

In fact, the year-long claim by the Left of Russian collusion has been flipped on its head in recent weeks to the point that Trump's claim he was spied on - a claim mocked by Democrats and the media - has not only been confirmed but defended as routine and non-political. The source was never "placed" or "embedded" in Trump's campaign. But former Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department officials say that the use of what they call "confidential human sources" is governed by strict legal guidelines and that nothing untoward appears to have occurred. The invite list evolved up until hours before the meeting - a reflection of the partisan distrust and the political wrangling.

Top law enforcement and intelligence officials briefed congressional leaders from both parties on Thursday about the F.B.I.'s use of an informant in the Russian Federation investigation, a highly unusual concession to Congress all but ordered by President Trump. Mark Warner tweeted after the briefing. If FBI actions helped anyone, it was Trump.

Page believes that's exactly what happened, and agrees with the president's characterization of the scandal as "Spygate".

As the paper writes, "it is unclear how much of the presentation consists of the firm's analysis of online activity during the campaign and how much is a hypothetical pitch". "After making their brief comments they departed before the meetings officially started". They brought documents to Capitol Hill but did not share them, and made several remarks about the importance of protecting intelligence sources and methods. Democrats immediately criticized the move, accusing the GOP of politicizing intelligence by initially excluding Democrats from the classified briefing.

Speaking to David Axelrod in an interview that aired on The Axe Files Saturday night, Yates noted that Trump's tweeted out demands for an investigation into his "Spygate" accusations are not business as usual for a president, and are actually, "truly unprecedented".

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And Trump's lawyers may take the information to the Justice Department as part of an effort to scuttle the ongoing special counsel probe.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who was scheduled to travel to Texas for a fundraiser Thursday afternoon, planned to attend the noon meeting, as well, rather than the Gang of Eight session, an aide said. According to the USA official and another person briefed on the Capitol Hill meeting, Nunes did not speak at all during the briefing. Committee leaders would get to review classified material in a special meeting and the Justice Department's inspector general would look into everything, more or less a touch of what's needed.

Schiff said he was speaking for all the Democrats who attended including top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Mark Warner.

The Justice Department had rejected Nunes' original request, writing in a letter in April that his request for information could put lives in danger.

Then, Trump tweeted out his accusations in a seeming attempt to distract attention from the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation.

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