The Atari VCS is now available for pre-order

Ruben Fields
May 31, 2018

Their own Ataribox, AKA the Atari VCS, is now available for pre-order and for having just gone live, the pre-order numbers are surprising. It's been almost 20 years since the release of Atari Jaguar, and the former giant is ready to make a comeback with a brand new machine. Alternatively, read on for what we know so far about the console's specs, release date, games and more.

Atari is also offering additional modern controllers for $49, the joystick for $29, and both for $59.

The Atari VCS has also been designed with an open architecture, meaning that users will also be able to load homebrew games, access the Linux Sandbox, or customise the console as they see fit.

The rear of the Atari VCS showing its various ports. An originally-planned spring 2018 launch was brought forward then pushed back again due to a still-unspecified issue with one of the key elements of the console, and while by March the device would be wearing its official branding Atari would still not have set a revised launch date nor released specifications.

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All in all, the Atari VCS certainly sounds like a jack-of-all-trade console.

Atari VCS Games: What can I play on the Atari VCS?

Atari's reimagined Classic Joystick and the all-new Modern Controller are available for purchase in select packages or as standalone purchases. Tempest 4000, Pong, and Missile Command all feature in the console's promotional materials, so should be among the games to feature.

What is the Atari VCS? You got toggle switches, and wood grain, and fins, and angles. All units will come with the Atari Vault that offers over one-hundred classic titles.

The Indiegogo campaign also provides new details on the console, which up until now has been shrouded in mystery. "Additionally, Atari VCS will have universal peripheral connectivity to work with other PC input devices such as bluetooth and USB game controllers, mouse and keyboard, webcams, microphone, external speakers and headphones". The system has an AMD custom processor with Radeon Graphics Technology and will be capable of supporting 4K, HDR, and 60fps.

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