Canada to impose tariff 'countermeasures' on US

Daniel Fowler
June 2, 2018

They must open their markets and take down their trade barriers!' he said.

Trudeau lashed out at Trump's protectionism and vowed to protect Canadian jobs.

Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said the tit-for-tat measures would complicate talks between the United States, Canada and Mexico to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that underpins trade between the neighbors.

Those temporary waivers were extended through May while the White House sought negotiated concessions.

Mexico's ministry of economy pledged to impose equivalent measures, and included a partial list of US goods that would face tariffs, including pork bellies, cheese, and produce such as grapes and apples.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Trump administration's argument that the tariffs were necessary for national security reasons was an "affront" to Canada, which has fought alongside the numerous armed conflicts. This is not about the American people. But he made clear that Trump expects those countries to bend toward his policies and demands.

"To be honest with you, I wouldn't mind seeing NAFTA where you'd go by a different name, where you'd make a separate deal with Canada and a separate deal with Mexico", he said Friday after a meeting with North Korean officials.

"American farmers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of NAFTA and Canada-U.S. trade", MacNaughton tweeted.

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But Canada went even further, threatening a 10 per cent surtax on a vast selection of products that do not appear to contain steel or aluminum. According to Ross, the step followed months of unsuccessful talks between the USA and its two neighbors over changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

According to the FM, the Canadian authorities are planning to slap dollar-for-dollar tariffs on the United States with import taxes on steel, aluminum and such goods as whiskey, orange juice and other food products expected to be imposed.

The UK's Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox told Sky News it, too, is considering retaliatory measures and joining the EU's complaint with the WTO.

But we see no sign of that in this action today by the USA administration. "Make no mistake - this is a full-on trade war", President Jerry Dias said. However, Ross said NAFTA talks are "taking longer than we had hoped" and said "there is no longer a precise date when they may be concluded".

Patience has worn thin. 'They report a really high surplus on trade with us.

"The reality is that our federal government has moved heaven and earth. They've cajoled Trump, they have soothed his ego, they've played to his apparently inexhaustible vanity", she said. "Donald Trump is a bully and the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up and push back and we have to do that".

Trudeau now prepares to host Trump at the G-7 leaders summit in Charlevoix, Quebec, next week. In the meantime, the tariff war is on - with another potential tariff, on cars, remaining a possibility.

"Short sellers might have looked at [the tweet] and said, 'He's gaming us, '" Kudlow said, noting the president did not tweet out any of the figures that he was briefed on Thursday evening while traveling on Air Force One. As for the U.S.'s national security argument, Fox said, "In the case of the United Kingdom, we send steel to the USA that is vital to their defence industry; it is patently absurd". "Questionable, in the least".

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