Techcronus is all set to become GDPR compliant

Daniel Fowler
June 1, 2018

It added that WhatsApp users were not offered "sufficiently granular user controls" to opt out of the new privacy policy as well, thereby resulting in a breach of the EU's regulations on user consent. Entities that do not comply with the tough new rules will face stiff fines. But when customers move their data to the Microsoft Cloud, both Microsoft and the customer accept and share compliance obligations for that data.

Caunce O'Hara are now urging local business to take their preventative measures in the wake of the new regulation, by increasing cybersecurity, selecting a comprehensive insurance policy creating a bespoke business strategy on how data is stored and used. Among them is Yeelight, a smart-device maker under the Xiaomi Group ecosystem. Now we do not expect that DPAs will use the full penalty powers, but we would expect a reasonable penalty, given the obvious violation.' Though GDPR applies irrespective of location with the European Union, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is likely to be get involved because 'the headquarters of the relevant companies is in Ireland in three cases'. In fact, it must be specific, informed and clear indication of the individual's wishes as evidenced by a written statement or by a distinct, affirmative action. With the loss of the "smart" function, customers who bought some advanced bulbs could end up feeling being cheated.

The European law went into effect over the weekend and some American companies have already been sued over their privacy policies, including Facebook and Google. The decision illustrated that some companies would prefer to lose European customers than risk being hit with the stiff penalties allowed under the new law: Fines can reach 4 percent of global revenue. Organisations should have systems in place to know exactly what data is being shared and with what goal. To ensure your company is GDPR compliant, review the guide the UK's Information Commissioner's Office has made available. While GDPR fines aren't insurable in the United Kingdom, cover for other breach-related losses are available - and Hiscox has bolstered its proposition. On the blockchain, all data is replicated and shared across all machines in the network, and this triggers challenging processes of transaction data deletion and privacy.

The tool is only available on the web for now, but it should be accessible to iOS and Android users in the future. Users can also request copies of the collected data, as well as request the collected data be erased in certain situations. But, according to the Daily Dot, the company is now facing a lawsuit from a European organization for tricking its users into signing new terms of service. And, they don't care if companies use their data.

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This regulation punishes companies who mishandle personal data or fail to be transparent about how their business uses it. They need to know exactly why you have it and how you intent to use it.

Also, users can put in a request and see for themselves what all information a company has gathered about them.

A breakdown of the breach notification Under the regulation, there are also conditions where the data controller must notify the data subject of a breach.

Most consumers don't have the time or expertise to complain about shoddy GDPR compliance.

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