Vermont will pay you $10,000 to relocate. Here’s why

Brenda Watkins
June 2, 2018

The remote worker incentive program will launch with a $500,000 appropriation from the Legislature, and the total payouts will be capped each year. Gov. Phil Scott signed the bill into law on Wednesday (May 30).

Grants will be distributed on first-come, first-served basis, and recipients will receive $10,000 over two years.

Interesting strategy, right? Vermont gets younger residents with decent paying jobs out of the deal, but it doesn't need to spend money to recruit out-of-state employers.

Vermont will pay stay-at-home workers $10,000 to relocate to the state. The $10,000 grant is meant to help remote workers cover the cost of computer software and hardware, broadband access or upgrade, membership in a coworking space, and other work-related expenses. Government data also shows people are moving less than they have in the past.

Vermont's population is flat or slightly shrinking.

State officials hope that Vermont's high quality of life will attract out-of-state workers to swap their office for a Vermont co-working space or home office, reports Burlington Free Press.

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Also, that last restriction interestingly means that the only people in the world who can not possibly qualify for this are people who already live in Vermont.

The stipend will cover relocation expenses, coworking memberships, computers, internet, and other work-related expenses. It turns out there are at least 19 of them, in a state with only 625,000 people. I grew up in New England and stll have relatives there; it's a lovely place to go travel to.

Those interested are invited to stay a weekend and meet with local realtors, community leaders and young professionals around the state.

Just make sure you wind up working for someone out of state.

So why is Vermont waving money around?

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