ONTARIO VOTES: Wynne Concedes Defeat, Urges Voters to Choose Liberals

Grant Boone
June 5, 2018

"After Thursday, I will no longer be Ontario's Premier".

Kathleen Wynne, who has been premier since 2013 and whose Liberal Party has governed for 15 years, told reporters she will not be premier after the June 7 election.

"I mean, it must have been a very hard for her to talk about [how] there will be a new government on June 7".

"A majority with Doug Ford is the scariest situation for me", says Kerk.

Observers have suggested that Wynne is less popular than her party, so her admission that she won't be premier will allow more Liberals to feel comfortable voting for the Liberal candidates that they do like, and that could allow them to elect more MPPs on Thursday.

Wynne said she made Saturday's announcement because it would free up voters to think strategically, riding by riding. "I think overall voting NDP makes the most sense".

Ontario's Liberals say the province's steel industry employs 16,000 people and accounts for 70 per cent of Canada's steel production capacity.

Doug Ford is applying for the job of Premier of Ontario, but yesterday team Ford revealed they won't share any details of what he would actually do as Premier. For the adult daughter who does all she can to care for her aging parents while she also scrambles to find safe, affordable child care for her own toddler.

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Ford's only comment about Wynne's announcement was that Ontarians are exhausted of the Liberals. This is a man who has defended candidates who speak ill of others - who smear people due to their religion or gender or sexual orientation.

In a follow-up question to his party, Spokesperson Melissa Lantsman said the campaign is only focused on the next six days leading up to the election.

Both Deirdre Pike and Ted McMeekin say they are confident this move by Wynne will encourage more people to vote Liberal to make sure neither the NDP or PC's hold too much power.

Ford, meanwhile, had little to say about Wynne's announcement, noting only that the election is about change and people are fed up with the Liberals.

Horwath elaborated later during a campaign event in Peterborough, Ont., accusing Wynne of jumping out of the fight in the final stretch.

"They're going to be choosing a person to lead them who will be in some very tricky, very delicate negotiations with US officials", Wynne said. I don't believe this is a man that people want to hand Ontario over to without putting him on the shortest of short leashes.

At this point, polls show there is less fear of an NDP government than a Tory one and this might push some potential Liberal voters to throw their support behind the New Democrats, he said. Some polls show the projected Liberal seat count is so low that the party is in danger of losing its official status at Queen's Park.

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