IHOP changing name to IHOB

Daniel Fowler
June 10, 2018

The 60-year-old iconic pancake chain announced it's literally flipping its last acronym from "p" (pancakes) to a mystery "b".

What do you think the "b" in IHOP's new name could be? Could it be brunch? others offered. "Bizza Hut & Bopeyes are also family favorites".

Confused? Don't be. That's because in the Arabic alphabet, no letter exists with a hard "p" sound, making it tough for Arabic speakers to pronounce the letter "p". Across the Middle East, Pepsi is known as "Bebsi". So, that means that for many Arabs, IHOP has always been known as IHOB. A day later, IHOP tweeted out a poll from their account that asked: "IHOb?"

"Or International House of OB tampons". Nobody knows. This week, they have been going back and forth with Twitter users about the possibilities, never fully releasing its meaning.

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Not all were thrilled with the name change announcement as many took to Twitter to post their confusion or attempt to decipher the mystery for themselves.

Reports say the new name will reflect the restaurant's "quality of food and the menu". The restaurant chain has about 1,650 locations.

"The blot thickens", IHOP tweeted.

When a tweet from Patrick Ford begged the company to "stop b-ing elusive and tell me what is the answer b!", the company responded, "batience, Batrick, batience". "We suggest listening to it at least 30 times".

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