E3 2018: Anthem Full Reveal, Gameplay Footage, and Release Date

Ruben Fields
June 12, 2018

Gaming expo E3 has kicked off in LA and it is one of the biggest game developers in the world, EA, who started things of with its keynote about what it plans to release this year.

After an impressive showing at Electronic Arts' E3 2018 press conference yesterday, one of the biggest upcoming games on everyone's mind is Anthem, the new original IP from Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare. After releasing the decidedly unimpressive Mass Effect: Andromeda and then miring themselves a huge debacle around the pay-to-play loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA's reputation is once again scraping the bottom of the barrel. Players will be able to customize and personalize their suits with unique paint jobs and gear so they'll have the right tools to confront nearly any situation, and look good doing it. For a limited time, players that don't already own the game will be able to download the whole game for free and try it out. Now the final release date has been confirmed (22 February 2019), there will be no more E3s until its release. The Clone Wars is the next set of plans the game has to offer. Talking about a game before a trailer?

As for the story, we're still only getting high-level details, but here's what we know.

But if that is the case, this will inevitably lead to a fractured player base, split between those that can afford to enjoy each new chunk of story as and when they drop, and those that can't. Up to four players band together to take on whatever perils you discover as a heroic team.

Merkel-Trump G7 face-off photo headed for history books
Merkel's comment was one of two nods to Trump during her hourlong ARD interview after her return from the G-7. The EU also won't be "taken for a ride" in its trade conflict with the United States , she said.

However, many people, amazingly, find it quite rough because Anthem won't be available to play if you have no internet connection.

The game can be played alone if you like, but looks like it is clearly designed with two players in mind. The action RPG/potential Destiny replacement has been on the radar since BioWare teased it during E3 in 2014.

As an added bonus, the game has been released today. Also, EA has said that no premium passes will be required for users to play nor will there be any lootboxes. It seems so natural that when the game was announced a year ago, many had just assumed it would have PvP options similar to Destiny, but fans had gotten ahead of themselves. That's right, it is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Before opening the event to fans and media alike for the next three days, the publisher hosted a conference to showcase some of their most noteworthy titles like Anthem, Unravel Two, and Battlefield V.

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