Fallout 76 is four times bigger than Fallout 4

Ruben Fields
June 12, 2018

Every non-monster character you encounter in Fallout 76 will be controlled by a living, breathing human.

Fallout 76 is the prequel to all the existing Fallout games, and takes place in West Virginia 25 years after the bombs fell. Your friends can all join together into one world and work to create the ultimate shared base. Vault 76 is one of the first vaults built by Vault-Tec and is said to contain the best and brightest. While they could theoretically be melee weapons, it's also possible that the game will feature actual building tools rather than Fallout 4's simple Workshop system.

However, some of the vaults have nefarious motives, testing its inhabitants in freaky and extreme psychological and sociological experiments. You're one of the few people selected to be the occupant of it and were treated to seeing the vault open for the first time.

Vault 76 was a "control" vault, meaning that no experiments were conducted on the inhabitants, leaving the population of the vault to survive in peace until the vaults scheduled opening 20 years later.

Is Fallout 76 just a multiplayer game?


In a surprise guest appearance at the E3 2018 Xbox press conference, Bethesda showed up to share some exciting news for the Fallout universe.

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You'll also be able to build structures, and then move them "wherever you want".

To be extra specific, it's the T-51b helmet from the Fallout franchise, which will make a nice companion piece to the wearable Pip-Boy that came with the Fallout 4 special edition.

In terms of how online will work, you won't be playing in the same world with every other Fallout: 76 player in the world, because that would be insane. A beta for the game was also announced, but details about when it will happen were not shared.

Fallout 76 is scheduled to launch on November 14, 2018 (Yes, it seems like Bethesda is not afraid of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2).

The trailer revealed that the game would be available to pre-order on June 15th.

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