Starlink is Getting Star Fox Content Exclusively on Switch

Ruben Fields
June 12, 2018

Starlink, Ubisoft's toys-to-life game about flying around in cool space ships, is launching on October 26th worldwide, on all platforms, but Nintendo Switch players are getting a special surprise.

In related news, online listings for the game have revealed a download of 15GB via a wireless connection will be required in order to play, even if you own a physical copy.

Starlink's release date is set for October 16 for Switch, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Considering we're expecting a rumoured Star Fox racing hybrid from Retro Studios, could this be Nintendo testing the waters for Ubisoft to make a full Star Fox outing?

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Three trailers were released for Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

For those who aren't familiar with Starlink: Battle for Atlus, you can read up on the game's core details below along with mention of the Nintendo Switch exclusivity of the extra content and bonus missions.

And here is a trailer showing how Starlink: Battle for Atlas works. The Star Fox and Star Link expansion will see the series' familiar ship be transformed into an NFC figurine, with it able to be transported into the game and controlled by the player. Packs with pilots will be $7.99, weapons $9.99, and spaceships (with a starship, pilot, and weapon) for $24.99.

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