North Korea thaw leaves shipping cold

Clay Curtis
June 13, 2018

Also, by letting North Korea dictate what the U.S. military does, Trump sends the U.S. down a slippery slope.

But that's what state-run news outlets do, taking advantage of every shred of propaganda it can to prop up the hermit nation's bonafides, USA Today reports.

North Korean state news agency KCNA has celebrated the promise, reporting that Mr Kim demanded the urgent cessation of "irritating and hostile military actions" during the summit.

Hyuki Ahn, who is the Jecheon, South Korea, society president of the Sister Cities Association of Spokane, said she has been talking with siblings in South Korea daily about the summit. But Lu Chao, an expert on North Korea at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences in northeast China's Shenyang city, says the guarantees are probably "a repeat of previous US statements that it does not seek to overthrow the current regime in North Korea". Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have historically soared in the spring, when the largest exercises take place.

"North Korea has committed to a complete denuclearisation". Independent experts estimate North Korea now has enough fissile material for 20 to 60 bombs, and it has tested missiles that could potentially deliver a nuclear weapon to the USA mainland. U.S. Forces Korea said it was unaware of any policy change.

President Trump made the surprise concession on the drills to North Korea's Kim Jong Un, which both leaders have called very provocative.

"I'm doing something that I've wanted to do from the beginning", Trump said in the interview with Stephanopoulos.

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Michael Mazarr, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation in Virginia, also noted that Tuesday's agreement was "far less detailed" than "a whole series of denuclearization agreements that they had signed over the years".

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump pledged to stop conducting U.S. "war games" with South Korea on the Korean Peninsula.

With both Trump and Kim now having exchanged invitations to each other's countries, the United States president sees a promising personal relationship with his North Korean counterpart as the key to further progress. But the apparently major concession to President Kim immediately startled South Korea.

He says if the US concludes they no longer are in good faith, the freeze "will no longer be in effect".

"The June 12 Sentosa Agreement will be recorded as a historic event that has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on Earth", he said.

Both in South Korea and Japan, there are mixed views on the military exercises. "But lots of other places where there were understandings reached, we couldn't reduce them to writing, so that means there's still some work to do, but there was a great deal of work done that is beyond what was seen in the final document that will be the place that we will begin when we return to our conversations", Pompeo said.

Then his sister, Kim Yo-jong, gave him a different one to use at the last second.

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