Dive into a dark mind in Transference

Ruben Fields
June 14, 2018

We got our first look at Transference at Ubisoft's 2017 E3 press conference, when they gave us very limited details regarding what the game might be.

Watch the E3 2018 trailer below. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, PS4, Xbox One, and PC are confirmed. Nothing is as it seems as the game shifts back and forth from the perspectives of each family member, forming an unstable and unreliable narrative that you'll have to solve puzzles to piece together properly.

The game's trailer is particularly creepy. The scientist creates a corrupted digital simulation using the brain data of his family and these people are trapped inside the simulation.

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Transference isn't the kind of game one would normally associate with Ubisoft.

The game was shown off by Elijah Wood, owner of SpectreVision, the company developing the game alongside Ubisoft.

Starring Macon Blair (Blue Ruin, Green Room), Lindsay Burdge (A Teacher, Thirst Street), and Tyler Crumley, Transference™ will be released on both VR and traditional gaming platforms in fall 2018. Transference is a psychological thriller where players will have to travel through the consciousness of an entire family. This is no RPG, you stumble into Raymond's experiment with your own experience and must interpret events for yourself.

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