Drunk girl gets her head stuck in vehicle tailpipe at music festival

Brenda Watkins
June 14, 2018

The 19-year-old is what you might call internet famous after video of her with her head stuck in an exhaust pipe at the Winstock Country Music Festival went nuts on social media.

She was escorted from the festival once she was freed, but her exhausting experience lives on thanks to this video posted on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 2.3 million times as of Wednesday afternoon.

The McLeod County Sheriff's said they cited Kaitlyn for underage drinking after she was freed.

The girl, 19-year-old Kaitlyn Strom of Litchfield, Minn., told the Hutchinson Leader newspaper the incident happened when she was hanging with her friends the first day of the festival. It did fit, but it didn't want to come back out'. So, I guess that's how she found herself in the exhaust pipe.

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The teen said she was stuck for about 45 minutes and had a brief medical check up immediately after. The first time, she was able to get it out unassisted.

She said she's focusing instead on the people who helped her.

In a tell-all piece, she told Stephen Wiblemo what went through her head before she jammed it into the pipe. "But I trusted everyone who was around that I knew to get me out safely".

One person she said was surprisingly kind was Tom Wold of Darwin, the owner of the truck. Later, Pipe Girl posted, "Yes, I'm the tail pipe girl, whatchu know about it?"

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