Trump and Kim have lunch: Here's the guest list - and the menu

Clay Curtis
June 14, 2018

Mr Trump insisted during the press conference which followed the summit, that he meant to invite Chairman Kim to meet with him at the White House in Washington, D.C., according to reports from North Korea's Central News Agency the leader has since accepted the invitation.

To make it super clear, Castaldo's company added a note to its website reading: "Destiny Pictures Had No Involvement In President Trump NK Summit Video".

Speaking to Baier, the president denied that the recent G-7 summit with other world leaders in Quebec was "rocky", and elaborated on his call for Russian Federation to be reinstated to the group.

Castaldo described it as "crazy".

In the interview, Trump said that despite his call to bring back USA troops from South Korea, a military drawdown from the region is not being discussed as part of talks with North Korea.

NSC staff named their fake production company "Destiny Pictures" as an apparent metaphor, unwittingly making the real Destiny Pictures, a small production outfit in Los Angeles, a target for bombardment from reporters trying to suss out the origins of the weird trailer.

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That does make her easier to find in photos - when she's not completely blocked that is... And you thought that lip bite was cute.

"Leave it to this White House to fail to conduct basic due diligence". I also like the way it uses the famous night-time photograph in which North Korea is dark, showing the lights suddenly coming on in Kim chooses the path of peace and cooperation. "The whole enterprise reeks of amateurism and comes off as an attempt to check the box on a harebrained idea that presumably originated in the oval office".

The video shows the possibilities of North Korea's future if it renounces nuclear weapons, with a rapid succession of colourful images of advanced technology and happy people.

The choice between the two scenarios was Kim's, the film implied.

"A story about a special moment in time".

Trump also recognized on Tuesday during a press conference that he could potentially be wrong about trusting Kim. "They still have it today". Actually during the meeting.

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