23-foot python swallows Indonesian woman whole

Clay Curtis
June 17, 2018

Reports of humans being killed by pythons are extremely rare.

The Indonesian village of Persiapan Lawela on the island of Muna is reeling in shock after the body of a missing woman was found inside the belly of a giant python. The Indonesian woman was found in the belly of the giant python after the swollen snake was captured near where she vanished while tending her vegetable garden, police said. They killed the animal and returned to the village, where they cut the snake open.

Numerous villagers jostle to take images and videos of the event.

Reticulated pythons grab onto their prey with dozens of sharp curved teeth and then squeeze it to death before swallowing it whole. In nearly all cases, the predator is a reticulated python (Python reticulatus), a species of python found in Southeast Asia.

Last year, the body of a 25-year-old farmer was sliced out of a giant python on the same island of Sulawesi, after he was eaten alive.

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Faris said the villagers killed the snake and when they cut open its belly, they found the woman's body still intact with all her clothes.

Her head was towards the snake's tail with her feet close to it's mouth, showing she had been swallowed head first.

The garden in which she disappeared was at the base of a rocky cliff, pockmarked by caves, and known to be home to snakes, Hamka added.

Giant pythons, which regularly top six meters (20 feet), are native to southeast Asia and count as some of the largest snakes in the world.

A young farmer was swallowed by an enormous killer snake in March past year after harvesting a rubber plantation.

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