E3 means huge gaming deals on Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, PS4, and more

Ruben Fields
June 17, 2018

The game company is facing backlash from PlayStation 4 players who are disappointed that they can't access their PlayStation 4 accounts for the wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. I own a PlayStation 4 and a Nintendo Switch, for example, and I was really bummed to learn this week that I couldn't play "Fortnite" on my Switch unless I created a new account specifically for the Switch.

Users on platforms such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS have all had the game available to them to play, and it was recently announced that Fortnite is now playable on the Nintendo Switch after substantial requests from community members.

Consumers, however, are unimpressed.

The company issued a response, but they didn't directly address the Switch and it left many players unsatisfied.

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Sony says that it's open to hearing what you think about "enhancing" your gaming experience. We happen to buy consoles of different colors - you bought the blue one, I bought the green one. Microsoft's semi-official spokesman Major Nelson even tweeted instructions for achieving Xbox One/Switch cross-play in Fortnite.

The release of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch was inevitable but still a very welcome bit of E3 news - especially with the whole "it's out now" angle. Instead, it seems more that PS4 players will have to remain tied to playing either against other PS4 owners or those on PC or mobile, versus its competing consoles. As was discovered shortly after launch, if you ever registered an Epic account and linked it to your PS4, you can not link it to your Switch.

Spencer did acknowledge he gets the business side of things, which is likely fueling Sony's decision much more than anything else, however, it's not an approach he would adopt for Microsoft if the market situation was on the other foot. It also offered a glimpse of the kind of energy that the game's future eSports events might have, Engadget reports.

Fortunately, the change is simple and does not in any way detract from the excellent performance that Epic's game is having on the "Big N" hybrid. They want to be able to enjoy the same games they do at home while out in the world, and Sony's stance on disallowing competition between consoles is making that hard. And we work hard with them to bring that to life.

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