Instagram will not alert people when you take screenshot of a Story

Ruben Fields
June 17, 2018

Earlier this year in February, Instagram started testing a feature that would inform the users if someone took a screenshot of their Story posts. Now, the company has chose to remove the function, once again allowing you to creep more discretely.

Will the other person get notified when you take an Instagram screenshot?

Instagram confirmed it has decided against the idea of alerting users when a screenshot is taken of their story.

We have also found that there are plenty of tricks to avoid getting caught by Instagram, like turning the airplane-mode "OFF" while taking a screenshot of a story. That being said, Instagram is expected to still keep the feature where they notify users when their disappearing direct messages have been screenshotted, so that feature won't be going away just yet.

Instagram has not yet commented on its decision to cancel the trial period, but many users already glad that they can safely take screenshots.

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Instagram has stopped sending screenshot notifications to Story posters, the company told BuzzFeed News yesterday.

It is worth pointing out the previous implementation also warned screenshotters that the poster of the Story will be informed of their actions.

Notably, screenshots are not new to Instagram's interface.

So, for the time being, no one will know if you screenshot someone else's photos or videos. There are those times when you might want to check to see what someone is up to on Instagram without them seeing you were there. You'll know a story is shoppable when you see a sticker with a shopping bag icon. It then announced plans to protect Stories them using a similar screenshot alert system, prompting fears that it would soon roll the safeguard out across the entire site.

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