Melania at odds with Donald Trump's border policy

Clay Curtis
June 18, 2018

"This bill hardly fulfills President Trump's bold promise to fix immigration, and sure isn't a winning message for the GOP in the midterms", Hauman said.

The US separated about 1,995 children from their parents and detained them between mid-April and May 31, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for their care.

A Guatemalan woman and her infant daughter seeking asylum sit at a Catholic Charities relief center on Sunday, June 17, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.

One Trump administration official told The Washington Post that the harsh separation practices were meant to force Democrats to negotiate immigration laws more in line with the White House's demands.

Under the new regime, at least 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the USA border and placed in makeshift detention centres.

And now Trump faces the consequences.

But the policy has drawn condemnation from medical professionals, religious leaders and immigration activists, who warn that some children could suffer lasting psychological trauma. Ben Ray Lujan, of New Mexico, said Trump "could pick up the phone and stop it today".

In a Father's Day demonstration on Sunday, seven Democrat members of Congress from NY and New Jersey joined hundreds of protesters outside an immigration detention facility in New Jersey to protest the separations.

Mrs Trump's statement comes as Democratic lawmakers joined hundreds of protesters outside an immigration detention facility in New Jersey for a Father's Day demonstration.

Two Republican senators, Collins and Arizona's Jeff Flake, said Sunday they'd written to DHS's Nielsen to demand an explanation of the policy.

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Nearly 2,000 children have reportedly been separated from their families at the border over six weeks under the policy. "It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero-tolerance policy for illegal entry, period".

Miller, one of the key drivers behind the administrations populist agenda and a protege of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, also played a key role in framing the administration's controversial "Muslim ban", under which citizens from several Muslim majority nations were barred from entering the U.S.

The administration's critics are not buying that explanation. "This is not a zero-tolerance policy, this is a zero-humanity policy, and we can't let it go on", said Sen. Jeff Merkley, an Oregon Democrat. Republicans in Congress and the administration have leaned on a 1997 court settlement regarding the treatment of immigrant children in federal custody for legal justification.

"This was the bane of my existence for three years", Johnson said. "Don't wait until after the election because you are going to lose!" he tweeted.

"The agencies were surfacing every possible idea", Cecilia Munoz, Obama's top domestic policy adviser, recalled, including whether to separate parents from their children. "It's, I think, deeply unethical". "The morality of it was clear - that's not who we are".

Under the policy, adults who cross the border illegally are prosecuted and any children with them are placed into USA custody and held in detention centers.

Asked whether the president was willing to end the policy, she said "the president is ready to get meaningful immigration reform across the board". Earlier in the "This Week" interview, when discussing the Trump administration's immigration policies, Bannon said, "This illegal immigration, the people that [are] hurt the most are the Hispanic and black working class".

The wall on the US border with Mexico was Trump's signature campaign promise, but since taking office, he has been unable to get more than token funding from Congress for the project. The initiative yielded results and was soon expanded to more border sectors.

He added, "By they way, if they're calling asylum, they're still going to the - to the detention centers although the (ph) - detention centers are now full".

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