Microsoft issues statement distancing itself from ICE’s separation of children from parents

Daniel Fowler
June 20, 2018

The company took a stand Monday after it was scrutinized for its working relationship with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency that is enforcing the policy.

But in a post on its Azure Government Cloud blog back in January, Microsft touted how it was "proud to support" the work of the US' ICE.

He writes: "I want to be clear: Microsoft is not working with the USA government on any projects related to separating children from their families at the border" adding that, "We will always stand for immigration policies that preserve every person's dignity and human rights".

The separating of children from parents at the USA southern border has created global outrage - and lots of rhetoric from President Trump on Twitter.

MICROSOFT HAS COME UNDER FIRE from its own employees for its dealings with the Immigration and Customs Enforcemen (ICE), which has harsh policies including separating children from parents.

The letter demands Microsoft "cancel its contracts" with ICE, as well as those with clients who support the law enforcement agency's work.

Microsoft is now insisting in a statement that it wants to make things clear, though it still didn't directly address its business or relations with ICE.

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"As the people who build the technologies that Microsoft profits from, we refuse to be complicit", the employees said in the letter, obtained by The Seattle Times. Nadella sent an email to all employees, calling the administration's policy "cruel and abusive".

However, Microsoft bosses are now saying that Microsoft's work with the ICE has nothing to do with separating the immigrant families.

"We urge the administration to change its policy and Congress to pass legislation ensuring children are no longer separated from their families", said Microsoft.

ICE's decision to accelerate IT modernization using Azure Government will help them innovate faster while reducing the burden of legacy IT. The migrant children issue has struck a similar chord, prompting executives and employees from other tech companies, including Facebook and Google, to condemn the practice.

Microsoft is not working with the USA government on any projects related to separating children from their families at the border, he said. "We will continue to have this dialogue both within our company and with our stakeholders outside". "We also call Microsoft to draft, publicise and enforce a clear policy stating that neither Microsoft nor its contractors will work with clients who violate worldwide human right law", the letter said pointing out towards a $19.4 million contract that the company has with ICE for processing data and artificial intelligence capabilities.

In a Facebook post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said "we need to stop this policy right now", The Verge reported on Tuesday.

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