Apple's AirPower wireless charger may not be released until September (AAPL)

Ruben Fields
June 23, 2018

This accessory is taking longer to make due to a series of technical hurdles, slowing the company's wireless strategy and highlighting supply-chain challenges that have hampered product launches in recent years. The device is a white pad that would allow you to place your Apple devices anywhere on it and wirelessly charge them. According to the report, Apple must design the device with multiple charging sensors, all differently sized, placed in various locations in the mat.

Given that this is Apple that we are talking about, we expect the AirPower to ship with features and functionality that go way above and beyond simply being a wireless charging pad that can handle multiple devices at any given time, although it's rumored to cost around $199, which is pretty high for something to charger devices. Now, a leak has confirmed that the next Apple flagship might revolutionize the industry one more time: A phone without a charging port. Each of the supported devices already includes a charger, and single-product wireless chargers can generally be had for $30 to $50.

Along with the news that the AirPower may finally come to market in the fall, the same report also claimed that Apple considered removing the Lightning Port from the iPhone X completely - that is, with no substitute. Another is the complexity of the circuitry, according to people familiar with the device's development.

Apple is still to announce the price for the AirPower charging solution, but we're expecting it to be around £175/$200.

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Of course, Apple has declined to comment on the matter.

The reason it was not feasible at that time was because the wireless charging tech was (and still is) slower than what is offered with wired charging. For many, AirPower was a logical addition to Apple's lineup of accessory. In the future, wireless chargers will be the only way to charge iPhones, Bloomberg notes. Testing has purportedly ramped up with engineers using the device as their charger at the office.

Apple has introduced wireless charging on a range of products, including the AirPods, Apple Watch and the iPhone.

A year later, the HomePod was announced in June 2017 for release in December of that year.

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