Microsoft is Working on 'Pocketable' Surface Device

Ruben Fields
July 1, 2018

Rumors of a dual-screen Surface have been kicking around for a little bit, but here's a surprising new detail: It's built for your pocket. In the documents, Microsoft refers to its project Andromeda as something that they have been quietly working on for a long time, which will create a totally new and disruptive device category. Given the text of the tweet, the displays are manufactured by LG Display, which is a common supplier of panels for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and monitors (among other devices). We've had numerous hints in recent weeks and months that a Surface Phone or something like it might be on the cards, and now a leaked email is pointing to a "pocketable" Surface device that's been two years in the works. The revelation comes from an internal document obtained by The Verge, though Microsoft hasn't confirmed it.

By all indications, Andromeda will try to mitigate that design problem with a display that wraps around the gap of the hinge.

Suddenly, those patent filings seemed a lot more plausible, and now, a new report from The Verge gives even more credibility to the theory Andromeda might actually exist. Microsoft has apparently been testing stylus input as well, which makes sense for a device that looks like a book when folded over. The Surface Pro has been successful on that front, and some companies - even Apple to an extent - is clearly emulating Microsoft's strategy now.

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Alas, Andromeda, if it's indeed real, is still being developed inside Microsoft, and there's still the possibility of things changing.

"It will blur the lines between mobile and stationary computing", says Microsoft. The report further suggests that device is expected to launch in 2018, with some of Microsoft's partner OEM's planning to follow suit with a dual-screen device.

Are you thrilled for Andromeda?

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